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Adarryl Roberts on DLA’s Cloud Adoption, Governance Councils

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Almost 91 percent of Defense Logistics Agency’s applications are now in the cloud and Adarryl Roberts, program executive officer at DLA, said the agency plans to transition its secret environment to the cloud by the end of fiscal year 2023 and continue to advance the adoption of software-as-a-service offerings in all environments, Federal News Network reported Monday.

Our move to the cloud is really centered around dissecting the current business models that we operate in within DLA and identifying the business problems or needs that could benefit from different technology within the cloud, like artificial intelligence, some data management methods and other technologies,” Roberts told FNN in an interview.

Roberts said he believes it is important to understand and manage the cost of compute, storage and utilization as DLA moves to a pay-as-you-go framework for cloud services.

DLA has established three governance councils – Enterprise Operations Planning Council, Digital Transformation Board and Acquisition Enterprise Innovation Council – to advance digital transformation across its mission areas, according to the report.

These councils use Technology Business Management and other value-based frameworks and Roberts said DLA brings together mission goals, risks and budget data through these frameworks to know the business value of a program or project.

In these boards, we ask questions about the status of the initiatives. How many initiatives do we have? What’s our priority for some of these enhancements or development?” he said.