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Nominee Ryan McCarthy Aims to Continue Readiness, Modernization & Reform Efforts as Army Secretary

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Jeff Brody
Ryan McCarthy

Acting U.S. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee that he would ensure continued support for the country’s deployed warfighters if he is confirmed to the position on a full-time basis, the military service reported Thursday.

“I will continue to champion the Army’s strategy and vision with an emphasis on readiness, modernization and reform,” McCarthy said during his confirmation hearing Thursday. “It is only through the care of our people that these priorities will be achieved.”

He added that the service branch should work to modernize its forces and enterprise and keep assisting allies in the Middle East on stability and counterterrorism efforts.

McCarthy, a former 75th Ranger Regiment member and Lockheed Martin vice president, also seeks to increase enlistment rates and improve the quality of life of soldiers.

He helped establish the Army Futures Command and its eight cross-functional teams during his tenure as the branch’s undersecretary.