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Dennis Crall Talks DoD Cyber Strategy at Panel Discussion

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Jeff Brody
Dennis Crall

Maj. Gen. Dennis Crall, deputy principal cyber adviser and senior military adviser for cyber policy at the Department of Defense, has emphasized lethality, partnerships and reform as the key tenets of DoD’s cybersecurity strategy in a panel discussion held Thursday.

He noted that commanders need to use special authorities and maintain communications at a minimal level to support defensive and offensive cyber missions, according to an article published Friday on the Pentagon’s website.

“Congress and the administration loaded us up with authorities we never before had, so we need to use them,” Crall told his audience at the 10th Billington Cybersecurity Summit.

He added the U.S. military should properly manage scarce resources consistently and strengthen relations with coalition forces via training events.

“We still struggle with information sharing in a timely manner, so we need better cross-domain solutions, and that’s on the radar to solve this year,” he said.