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Two White House Reports to Shape National Spectrum Strategy for 5G Adoption

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Jeff Brody

The White House released two reports to inform U.S. leadership about a national strategy in wireless communications through 5G technology. 

The Office of Science and Technology Policy said Thursday that the research-and-development priorities report conducted with the wireless spectrum R&D interagency working group identifies three spectrum priority areas: advance spectrum agility and flexibility to use new waveforms and multiple bands; build up near real-time spectrum awareness; and boost spectrum effectiveness and efficiency through secure autonomous spectrum decision-making.

The second report titled “Emerging Technologies and their Expected Impact on Non-Federal Spectrum Demand” looks at 5G and Wi-Fi technologies and how they will use spectrum in the future.

“These reports lay a strong foundation for the National Spectrum Strategy and serve as a resource for decision makers formulating spectrum policy. The upcoming strategy will focus on a balanced approach to spectrum management to support critical government services and future demands for spectrum,” OSTP noted.

OSTP said the reports were issued in accordance with a presidential memorandum released in October 2018 that orders the development of a national spectrum policy. The White House and the Federal Communications Commission announced initiatives in April to accelerate 5G deployment, including plans to conduct a spectrum auction in December.