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Federal CIO Suzette Kent Comments on Government IT Modernization Initiatives

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Suzette Kent

Suzette Kent, federal chief information officer, discussed at an IBM event the government’s data and information technology modernization needs to catch up to commercial products and private sector basic practices, Federal Times reported Thursday.

She told attendees that federal agencies have much work to do to keep pace with the private sector and to meet citizens expectations.

Kent highlighted that through establishing incubators, specific problems and questions can be addressed. Questions such as: How do we protect privacy? How do we leverage data? What’s the hygiene? What are our shared models? What can we share? How can we accept that data? and What does that model look like?

Kent noted that the administration also plans to address the modernization process and the sharing of data within agencies through the President’s Management Agenda.

Kent was previously a principal at Ernst & Young prior to her appointment earlier this year to federal CIO and administrator for the office of electronic government within the Office of Management and Budget.

“Large-scale transformation…takes a vision, and it takes multiple years. So the funding we have has to support that process,” said Kent.

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