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Report: DoD to Deploy AI Algorithms for Operational Sensors in December

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Lt. Gen. Jack Shanahan, director for defense intelligence within the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, has said the Defense Department‘s artificial intelligence program will deploy its first round of algorithms for warfighting operational sensors in December, Aviation Today reported Thursday.

Project Maven, an algorithmic warfare cross-functional team and defense unit focused on AI innovation, will work to expand its knowledge base with new capacities that can help mitigate the need to perform menial tasks.

Bob Work, former deputy defense secretary, announced the establishment of Project Maven in May to oversee the data gathered from drone surveillance missions and streamline the DoD’s implementation of big data and machine learning technologies.

The report noted AI algorithms to be deployed in December will attempt to accelerate and automate the examination of data collected using the DoD’s wide-area motion imagery sensor as well as augment computer vision, data tracking and geo-registration processes.

The Project Maven team also looks to implement AI tools for full-motion video data exploitation missions in a push to maximize the information gathered from sensors.

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