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Pentagon’s Innovation Offices Obtain Authorization to Streamline Recruitment, Acquisition Processes

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The Defense Department‘s Defense Innovation Unit Experimental and Strategic Capabilities Office have received authorization to accelerate their recruitment and contracting processes, Defense News reported.

Former Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work approved the authorities for DIUx and SCO in July before his retirement, the report noted.

The authorities include an 18-month renewal of Section 1105 of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act that permits the two organizations to hire personnel in a non-competitive manner.

Work also directed DoD to propose the inclusion of a mandate in the 2018 NDAA that would allow DIUx and SCO to speed up recruitment for long-term positions.

Other authorities include the permission to award contracts worth up to $5 million without going through DoD’s main procurement system as well as the right to independently post advertisements, notices and proposals.

DIUx and SCO were also given license to approve conference expenses worth up to $500,000 without the need to obtain DoD clearance.

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