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Mary Davie: GSA Adds 15 Vendors Under New Schedule 70 Cyber Special Item Numbers

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Mary Davie

The General Services Administration has awarded 15 vendors spots under four new special item numbers for “highly adaptive” cybersecurity services as part of GSA’s Information Technology Schedule 70 contract vehicle.

Mary Davie, assistant commissioner at GSA’s integrated technology services branch, wrote in a blog post published Thursday that agencies can now place task orders or establish blanket purchase agreements through the new HACS SINs.

GSA established the four SINs in September for vendors that offer penetration testing, incident response, cyber hunt and risk and vulnerability assessment services.

Davie said the SINs are designed to provide access to pre-vetted support services that will help agencies test high-priority IT systems, address potential vulnerabilities and mitigate threats.

GSA plans to add more vendors under the SINs and all current IT Schedule 70 vendors that offer highly adaptive cybersecurity services will be required to migrate their products to the new SINs, Davie wrote.

The assistant commissioner noted GSA works with the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Management and Budget to evaluate vendors and address the government’s cybersecurity needs.

The new SINs will support the White House’s Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan and Cybersecurity National Action Plan.

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