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GSA Creates 4 New Schedule 70 Cyber Special Item Numbers

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cybersecurityThe General Services Administration has established four special item numbers for “highly adaptive” cybersecurity service offerings under GSA’s Information Technology Schedule 70 contracting vehicle to support the White House’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan.

GSA said Monday all Schedule 70 vendors that offer penetration testing, incident response, cyber hunt and risk and vulnerability assessment services will need to migrate their offerings to the new HACS SINs.

Evaluation of suppliers for the HACS SINs began Monday and GSA expects federal agencies to begin using the new SINs to buy cybersecurity services by Oct. 1.

“The Office of Management and Budget will work closely with agencies to encourage them to buy cybersecurity services through IT 70, and OMB will partner with GSA to provide new capabilities and add more vendors as these SINs evolve and grow more robust in their offerings,” said Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott.

GSA published a draft solicitation that includes the new SINs on the agency’s Interact website in August to spread awareness for industry partners.

The agency also partnered with the Department of Homeland Security in efforts to help agencies fully utilize services from the cybersecurity SINs.

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