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Mark Bowman: Pentagon Moves Forward With Joint Information Network in Europe

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cybersecurityThe Defense Department has moved to build joint regional security stacks for its military bases in Europe and aims to complete the architecture by the end of this year, Federal News Radio reported Friday.

Jared Serbu writes the JRSS platform is designed to manage and safeguard military computer networks across the region by using an enterprise security model.

The Pentagon is upgrading cyber infrastructures worldwide under the Joint Information Environment program.

“In this environment, the cultural barriers that used to make people think they have to protect all of their data on their own are not there anymore,” said Lt. Gen. Mark Bowman, C4 director for the Joint Staff, according to Jerbu’s article.

“It replaces the top-level security architecture we have now, and the teamwork that’s happened between the Army and the Defense Information Systems Agency to make that happen is phenomenal,” Bowman added, the station reports.

Jerbu writes the Army, Air Force and DISA collaborated to test the JRSS system at Joint Base San Antonio in Texas.

The JIE framework calls for defense organizations to share data centers, enterprise collaboration portals and identity directories.

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