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Report: IT Schedule 70 Director Sets Priorities to Improve Contract, Competition

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Site: GSA.gov

Government contracting firms who follow the General Services Administration’s multiple-award IT Schedule 70 could soon see changes, Federal Computer Week reports.

Kay Ely, chief learning officer at the Office of Personnel Management and Schedule 70 contract director, outlined her top priorities in order to make the contract operations run more smoothly and attract more competition.

Ely said she wants to restore the schedule’s luster and increase the level of business conducted through the contract vehicle, according to the report.

Ely’s priorities include:

  • Improving the skill of the contract’s acquisition workforce
  • Shortening the contract modification time to make the schedule can be more competitive
  • Reforming the contract so contracting officers can give accurate and consistent answers
  • Digitizing all contract related files
  • Expanding the use of electronic contracting


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  1. Kay Ely ran her dividion into the ground and was removed by the Director and placed in a shell position before she left (to avert the writing on the walls / disciplinary action)for nearly bankrupting her division. She relies on her political skills but has very little business acumen, people were glad to see her go, I only feel sorry for the folks who were left to clean up her mess and deal with the people she hired and favored(promotions, illegal hires, etc)

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