What Are the Top Centene Corporation Government Contracts?

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Top Centene Corporation Government Contracts; Centene Contracts from the local, federal, or state governments

Centene Corporation, a leading healthcare enterprise, provides health and long-term care insurance, Medicare and Medicaid Advantage plans, managed care solutions, and government healthcare programs across America and Europe. A large share of the company’s revenues come from the federal government, receiving most of its profits from contracts with state Medicaid managed care programs. Here’s a look at some of the most notable Centene Corporation government contracts.

1. Centene Selected as One of the Big Winners of Texas Medicaid Contracts, $10 Billion

Centene Selected as One of the Big Winners of Texas Medicaid Contracts, $10 Billion

In November 2019, Centene was one of the selected winners of the Texas Medicaid contract worth $10 billion. The contract includes providing care for the city’s aged, disabled, and blind population, known as ABD. The population is divided into 13 service areas, with insurers competing for offer plans in these regions.

2. Department of Defense’s Multi-Year Military Contracts, $17.7 Billion

Department of Defense's Multi-Year Military Contracts, $17.7 Billion; Centene provides specialty services focused on treating the whole person

In July 2016, the Department of Defense reselected its insurance vendors in the TRICARE program providing healthcare coverage for military members and their families in the United States. The five-year contract is worth $58 billion, where Humana received $40.5 billion by Humana, and Centene’s Health Net subsidiary received $17.7 billion. Both companies served different regions–Centene was assigned to the TRICARE West region, while Humana served in the TRICARE East region.

3. Centene Wins Pennsylvania Department of Human Services’ Medicaid Contract, $7 Billion

Centene Wins Pennsylvania Department of Human Services' Medicaid Contract, $7 Billion

In August 2016, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services selected Centene Corporation as one of the awardees of the Medicaid contract worth $7 billion. The contracts are for the state’s new Community HealthChoices, a Medicaid program covering managed long-term services and supports. The program covers 420,000 people eligible for Medicare and Medicaid who are 65 and older, and younger people with disabilities.

4. Nebraska Total Care’s Medicaid Contract, ~$5 Billion

Nebraska Total Care's Medicaid Contract, ~$5 Billion; wellcare health plans amid increased healthcare costs

In September 2022, Centene Corporation’s subsidiary, Nebraska Total Care, was one of the selected companies to land the Nebraska state government’s $5 billion multiyear statewide Medicaid managed care contacts. It is a 5-year contract with two, one-year renewal options estimated at around $4 to 5 billion, depending on contract length.

The subsidiary has obtained a Medicaid-managed contract since 2017. It will continue its partnership with Nebraska to improve health outcomes with affordable costs within the state, as stated by Centene’s president and chief operating officer, Brent Layton.

Nebraska Total Care serves over 125,000 Medicaid members in partnership with approximately 60,000 healthcare providers within the state. It also provides insurance to the Medicare population through Wellcare Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.

5. Centene’s Subsidiary, Centurion, Department of Corrections Health Care Contract, $1.4 Billion

Centene’s Subsidiary, Centurion, Department of Corrections Health Care Contract, $1.4 Billion

In November 2021, Centene Corporation’s subsidiary, Centurion, was awarded a 7-year $1.4 billion contract after being chosen as the best among the five bids. Under the contract, the subsidiary will provide health care for about 23,000 prison inmates in Missouri after the judge’s ruling in a state contract dispute.

6. Centene’s Subsidiary Re-Awarded Correctional Mental And Dental Healthcare Contract In Georgia, $536.5 Million

Centene's Subsidiary Re-Awarded Correctional Mental And Dental Healthcare Contract In Georgia; Centene provides commercial healthcare programs

In 2019, the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC), one of the largest prison systems housing approximately 52,000 inmates, awarded a $536.5 million contract to Centene’s subsidiary, Centurion. Centurion has held the contract since 1997 under MHM Correctional Services, Inc, which Centene has acquired.

Under the contract, the subsidiary will provide dental and mental health services to over 30 GDC state prison facilities starting in July 2019. It has nine annual renewal options, with the first year valued at $48 million.

About Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation is a Missouri-based publicly traded managed care company. It is one of the largest Medicaid-managed care organizations in the country. The Centene Corporation leaders and executives have worked consistently to capitalize on its strong brand recognition and customer relationships. Founded in 1984, it continues to expand its footprint by acquiring other healthcare companies and expanding its reach through international markets, the United Kingdom and Europe.

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