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Top 10 Government Contracting News Sources

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Top 10 Government Contracting News Sources
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Federal government contracting is a highly-competitive industry. In the last fiscal year, 2021, the U.S. spent $629 billion on government contracts alone, and it is projected to rise even higher in the succeeding years. Brimming with opportunities, it is no wonder why countless government contractors are taking their shot in this field.

One of the best ways you can stay ahead of the pack is to be informed. Successful government contractors are constantly keeping abreast with the latest industry trends, insights, and news so they can strategize their next move. And to be like them, here are the top government contracting news sites that you should tune in to!

Who Are The Top 10 Government Contracting News Websites?

The ExecutiveGov is one of the leading GovCon news agency in the industry, covering stories from the most significant federal contracts awarded to breaking news about GovCon.

  1. ExecutiveGov

The ExecutiveGov, or EGov, is a government contracting news publication under Executive Mosaic, a cross-media platform designed for top-tier executives in the GovCon industry.

EGov covers a wide range of topics and issues that move the federal government contracting industry, such as cybersecurity policy, Gov 2.0, green IT, health IT, and national security. Furthermore, the Virginia-based publication also spotlights notable federal government employees and key decision-makers whose impact made waves across the GovCon industry.

Aside from bookmarking their website, you can also follow ExecutiveGov on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Department of Defense (DoD)
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  1. Department of Defense (DoD)

The Department of Defense is one of the biggest federal departments of the United States government. As the federal department in charge of defending the nation against threats from all domains, they work with government contractors to ensure that America’s defense systems and technologies remain superior above all else.

Although they are not a conventional news website, the DoD is a treasure trove of information that federal contractors can use. The defense department regularly publishes its contract awards, including information about the award, the contract task, the duration, and the contract value. Federal contractors who want to do business with the Department of Defense can keep tabs on their website.

GovCon Wire is one of the leading source of breaking news regarding the GovCon industry and its players.

  1. GovCon Wire

Another publication under Executive Mosaic, GovCon Wire is the premier source of fresh-off-the-presses news about the government contracting industry.

GCW publishes breaking stories about significant government contract awards, high-profile executive moves, mergers and acquisitions activities, and federal tech developments. GCW also covers news about the financial results of the industry’s key players.

For the latest news delivered straight to you, you can subscribe to their newsletter, join their LinkedIn group, and follow them on Twitter.

The ExecutiveBiz is one of the trusted GovCon news site of executives from all around the country. Comprised of superior writer and research teams, ExecutiveBiz delivers relevant news across its channels.

  1. Executive Biz

Executive Biz delivers catered news to the executive players of the government contracting industry by following business and political trends that will impact the key decision-makers. Made up of an expert team of writers and researchers, the Virginia-based news source is dedicated to giving an insider perspective on different industries, such as defense, health care, and technology.

A publishing arm under Executive Mosaic, the Executive Biz is a widely regarded news source read by thousands.

The Potomac Officers Club is news and media agency that connects federal and business executives together. They host networking events for businesses and publish content that is relevant to them.

  1. Potomac Officers Club

The Potomac Officers Club has been in the industry for more than 20 years, connecting executive players in the government contracting field through its cross-platform media and executive networking programs.

Owned and operated by Executive Mosaic, the Potomac Officers Club is also delivering the freshest news about people, policies, trends, and events that move the GovCon industry. And if you want more, you can join the Potomac Officers Club by signing up as a member.

More than just an online news agency, the Federal News Network broadcasts the latest federal news in their daily radio broadcast as well.
Logo from Federal News Network


  1. Federal News Network

The Federal News Network is an online news and radio broadcasting company headquartered in Maryland. Its mission is to assist federal managers, policymakers, and federal contractors in navigating the industry by breaking the latest stories and insights in the field.

As a non-partisan and non-political company, the Federal News Network helps paint a clearer picture of the issues that the federal government faces—and what can the key players do about it.

The Federal News Network delivers stories through its website and its 1500 AM radio broadcast in the Greater Metropolitan Washington area.

Logo from U.S. News
Logo from U.S. News
  1. US News

For over 90 years, the US News has been delivering news and insights that support the decisions of business leaders and policy officials. Boasting its wide readership across the globe, the Washington-based company specializes in breaking stories on these platforms: cars, education, health, money, travel, and 360 reviews.

A multifaceted digital media company, the US News boasts a wide readership across the globe. Launched originally as a weekly magazine in the 1940s, the US News is one of the first legacy brands to transform into a digital business model successfully.


The Associated Press
Logo from The Associated Press
  1. Associated Press 

The Associated Press is an American non-profit news agency that is world-renowned for its fast and unbiased reporting on issues that affect the public. Established in 1846, AP has remained one of the most trusted news sources by people from all around the globe. The New York-based news agency giant has won countless recognitions, including 56 Pulitzer Prizes.

Furthermore, AP distributes media across all channels, covering important sectors that affect society—U.S. and international news; politics, including the GovCon; technology, sports, entertainment, health, science, and business.


JD Supra
Logo from JD Supra
  1. JD Supra

Operating as a law firm, JD Supra is one of the leading publishers of legal intelligence on various sectors, such as GovCon, business, news, and commentary from reputed lawyers and law professionals. They produce and distribute news to the legal communities such as law firms, media, and general readers daily on different channels.

JD Supra is headquartered in California and primarily caters to its audience in the U.S.

Federal Times
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  1. Federal Times

With more than 60 years of experience under its belt, the Federal Times has served countless senior federal managers. By covering news regarding the federal workforce, acquisition, IT adoption, management issues, and policy changes, the Federal Times has helped government workers make informed decisions.


How to become a federal contractor?

If you are reading this, you have taken a step in the right direction.

It is undeniable how intimidating and complicated the GovCon industry is. But, the opportunity that comes with it can outweigh the struggle. Here is a beginner’s guide on how to become a government contractor, and here are the key takeaways:

  • Research about your industry and target market.

    Aside from reading guides like this, you can also visit government-related websites, such as the Government Accountability Office (GAO). As a non-partisan organization that investigates the government, it publishes insights about the government processes, the issues they face, and what they can do about it.

  • Learn about FAR

    The Federal Acquisition Regulation or FAR is the federal procurement industry’s guidebook. It contains all the rules and regulations governing federal contractors and government departments. Being familiar with FAR can help you grasp the procurement process better.

  • Explore small business assistance programs

    The government contracting industry is dominated by giants, which creates an uneven field for disadvantaged small businesses. The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a number of assistance programs for qualified businesses.

  • Register business at SAM.gov.

    The System for Award Management (SAM.gov) website is the place where businesses register as government contractors, bid for federal contracts, apply for loans and grants, and more! Here are the steps for registering a business at SAM.gov.