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NIST Launches Generative AI Public Working Group

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NIST Launches Generative AI Public Working Group

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is introducing a public working group that seeks to address the challenges and opportunities related to artificial intelligence that can generate text, images, code, videos and other content.

The Public Working Group on Generative AI will help NIST come up with guidance to assist organizations in addressing the risks associated with the technology, the Department of Commerce said Thursday.

“The recently released NIST AI Risk Management Framework can help minimize the potential for harm from generative AI technologies,” said Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

“Building on the framework, this new Public Working Group will help provide essential guidance for those organizations that are developing, deploying, and using generative AI, and who have a responsibility to ensure its trustworthiness,” Raimondo added.

The team will support NIST’s testing and evaluation work related to generative AI, help create the generative AI profile for the NIST AI Risk Management Profile and explore opportunities to ensure that generative AI technologies could be used productively to address challenges related to health, climate change and the environment, among other areas.

Interested stakeholders have until July 9 to sign up for the public working group.