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DIU Launches Vendor Solicitation for Next Phase of HyCAT Project

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The Department of Defense has issued a second commercial solutions opening for its ongoing Hypersonic and High-Cadence Airborne Testing Capabilities project.

The notice posted by the Defense Innovation Unit stated that the CSO will focus on prototyping novel hypersonic technologies using the modular payload capability developed from HyCAT I, which was launched in September.

DIU is seeking companies that can deliver cost-effective, rapid and reusable hypersonic testing platforms, preferably with alternative guidance, navigation, control and communications systems. They should also feature propulsion capabilities such as air breathing and combined cycle functionalities.

Proposed technologies should support integration onto HyCAT I vehicles currently used by the DOD. They must be compatible with Mach 5+ aircraft, suitable for remote deployment and able to accommodate at least two payloads, among other requirements.

The CSO is open to local and international companies that can comply with International Traffic in Arms Regulations. The deadline for submission is on Feb. 6.