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Cybersecurity, Identity Proofing Top State CIOs’ Priority Lists for 2023

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The National Association of State Chief Information Officers on Monday released a report identifying the highest priorities of state CIOs in the coming year.

Cybersecurity and risk management topped the list of policy and services priorities for 2023, while identity proofing and multifactor authentication was the biggest concern in terms of applications and technologies.

According to the survey, state CIOs intend to focus primarily on digital services to improve government customers’ experience, as well as on reimagining the federal workforce and replacing legacy platforms. They are also seeking broader adoption of cloud services and deeper exploration of data and information management. Deploying 5G and other means to improve connectivity ranked ninth in the list of policy priorities, while customer relationship strategies was tenth.

The respondents cited software-as-a-service and other X-as-a-service models, security enhancement applications and artificial intelligence as some of their target technologies and tools for 2023. Business intelligence and other data analytics, low-code/no-code software development, enterprise resource planning and business process integration systems rounded up the list.