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BAE Systems Teams With Industry Partners for Army OMFV Project; Andy Corea Quoted

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BAE Systems has joined forces with Elbit Systems of AmericaCurtiss-Wright Corporation and QinetiQ Limited to bring its U.S. Army Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle design to fruition.

With a goal of creating a purpose-built, modern combat vehicle to meet the needs of the Army, the four organizations will collaborate to develop a vehicle proposed by BAE Systems earlier this month, the Falls Church, Virginia-based organization announced on Nov. 30.

“Together we have continually researched, developed, innovated and delivered and we believe this team can provide a purpose-built vehicle with the winning solutions for future battlefields and, most importantly, for the men and women who put their lives on the line for us each and every day,” said Andy Corea, vice president and general manager for BAE Systems Combat Mission Systems.

Elbit will contribute its 50 millimeter Unmanned Turret to the design. The UT50 is a flexible armament configuration with numerous mission payloads and capabilities. It includes a XM913 50 millimeter cannon and recently completed a successful live fire demonstration at the Army’s Aberdeen Test Center. Both BAE Systems and Elbit have experience in assessing, demonstrating and validating combat apparatuses.

The OMFV design will utilize a standardized Modular Open Systems Architecture developed by BAE Systems and Curtiss-Wright’s defense solutions arm to allow clients to quickly refresh technology to field new capabilities and tackle developing threats on the battlefield. The two organizations will also be responsible for installing critical electronics and control systems into the vehicle.

Harnessing its four decades of experience with Hybrid Electric Drive technology, BAE Systems will continue its preexisting work with QinetiQ in developing and integrating this technology with an electric cross-drive transmission, which is a crucial part of an HED system for tracked combat vehicles. The application of these technologies will ensure the OMFV has the speed, reliability and maneuverability necessary to triumph in difficult battlefield conditions. 

QinetiQ’s Modular E-X-Drive transmission system, which combines electronic and manual elements in a compact product, has been successfully tested in a large variety of vehicles and weight classes.

BAE Systems is reportedly already equipped with the knowledge, infrastructure and resources required to develop the OMFV platform. The company plans to complete project elements at various facilities nationwide to leverage a diverse array of workforce personnel and manufacturing quality.