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AFRL, Partners Demo New Data Management Security Layer for Military Communications

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The Air Force Research Laboratory’s Information Directorate collaborated with Raytheon Technologies and other private entities to create a robust information provisioning layer for secure network management.

The RIPL technology was developed to support the U.S. Air Force’s various command and control programs, including the Air Combat Command’s Combat Cloud Vision, the laboratory said Monday.

RIPL uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to securely release critical data across networks based only on what users, such as warfighters, request and are authorized to access.

In a controllable and contested test environment, the technology demonstrated seamless and transparent data transmission despite weak internet connectivity. The demo, which involved accessing different types of information from multiple domains, also showed potential for data exchange linking air, space and terrestrial missions.

Brian Holmes, program manager of AFRL’s Advanced Planning and Autonomous C2 Systems branch, stated that RIPL will be beneficial to the USAF Advanced Battle Management System for joint all-domain command and control.