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White House Unveils National Security Strategy

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The White House has released a strategy outlining how the U.S. will protect the security of citizens, defend democratic values and expand economic opportunity.

The U.S. will pursue such objectives under the National Security Strategy by investing in the underlying sources and tools of U.S. power and influence; building a coalition of countries to improve its collective influence to address shared challenges and shape the global strategic environment; and modernizing and strengthening the U.S. military to prepare it for strategic competition, the White House said Wednesday.

For the first line of effort, the U.S. will make investments to help improve the country’s resilience and competitive edge and complement private sector innovation with a modern industrial strategy to facilitate public investments in the country’s workforce, supply chains, strategic sectors and emerging and critical technologies.

With the new strategy, the government will modernize the military, invest in the defense workforce and pursue advanced tech platforms to better defend the homeland, allies and international interests.

The document also outlines how the U.S. will deal with strategic competitors like Russia and China and increase international cooperation to address shared challenges such as climate and energy security, pandemics and biodefense, food insecurity, terrorism and arms control and nonproliferation.