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Vendors Demo VTOL Systems for Future Navy Expeditionary Combat Operations

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More than a dozen vendors showcased a range of systems designed to provide vertical takeoff and landing capabilities to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps during a two-week demonstration event held at an unmanned aircraft systems test site at the University of Maryland.

A team from the Navy and Marine Corps Small Tactical UAS Program Office subjected the VTOL systems, which represented different configurations, to standardized tests in a push to determine their potential applications in expeditionary combat operations, Naval Air Systems Command said Monday.

The Family of Small UAS team also assessed the systems’ range, endurance, electro-optical and infrared imagery quality, audibility and other set of capabilities.

The team seeks to use the performance data to identify systems that can be considered for operational testing and inclusion in the FoSUAS programs of record.

“We want to show off what is available right now for future procurements to our Navy expeditionary community,” said Col. Victor Argobright, program manager of PMA-263.

During the demonstrations, participating vendors engaged with representatives from various Navy components including the Naval Special Warfare Command and Naval Construction Force.