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Treasury Sanctions Russian Network for Buying US-Built Components Used in Weapons Systems; Wally Adeyemo Quoted

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The Department of the Treasury has imposed sanctions on one individual and two companies for procuring and supplying U.S.-produced technologies and components with military applications to end-users in Russia.

Thanks to the unprecedented sanctions and export controls imposed by our broad coalition of partners and allies, Russia has increasingly struggled to secure critical inputs and technologies needed for its brutal war against Ukraine,” Wally Adeyemo, deputy secretary of the Treasury, said in a statement published Wednesday.

The department’s office of foreign assets control designated Yury Yuryevich Orekhov, a Russian procurement agent, and two of his companies, NDA GmbH and Opus Energy Trading, for buying from U.S. manufacturers microprocessors and semiconductors used in fighter jets, smart munitions, hypersonic and ballistic missiles, satellites and radars.

These U.S.-made components that Orekhov purchased have been detected in Russian weapons systems in Ukraine, according to the department.

We know these efforts are having a direct effect on the battlefield, as Russia’s desperation has led them to turn to inferior suppliers and outdated equipment. That’s why we will continue to take every opportunity to crack down on evasion of these sanctions and export controls across the globe,” added Adeyemo.