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FAA Opens Application Anew for Recreational Drone Test Administrators

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The Federal Aviation Administration is on the hunt for more entities to facilitate The Recreational UAS Safety Test as it aims to make the assessment accessible to all recreational drone flyers and ensure proper knowledge and handling of drone operations. 

FAA opened the second round of applications for administrators of recreational drone testing and encouraged those connected with recreational pilots such as educational institutions, manufacturers and aeromodelling firms to apply, the agency said Monday. 

Interested individuals may submit their applications by Nov. 11. The FAA will announce new test administrators in March 2023. 

Under the law, all recreational unmanned aerial system flyers must pass an aeronautical knowledge and safety test. 

Through TRUST, the recreational flyer’s understanding of aeronautical safety knowledge and rules for operating drones will be assessed. Since June 2021, TRUST has been administered as an online test.