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DOD Updates Procurement Guidelines on Ukraine Support Contracts

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The Department of Defense issued new procurement measures on contracts related to providing support to Ukraine following the expiration of the National Interest Action value ‘Ukraine Mission Support’ on Sept. 30. 

In an Oct. 1 memo signed by John Tenaglia, principal director of defense pricing and contracting at the DOD, contracting officers are mandated to enter “Ukraine” in relation to new or modified contracts issued to support Ukraine. The entry will not be on a case-sensitive basis. 

The new directive will help DOD  identify related contract actions as it continues to dole out support to Ukraine over the latter’s tensions with Russia. 

Support includes providing training, logistics support, equipment to the Ukrainian military, actions resulting from the Presidential Drawdown Authority and other security assistance efforts in support of the Ukrainian government.

In March, DOD authorized the Commander of the U.S. European Command to provide humanitarian support to Ukraine resulting in the creation of the NIA code in the Federal Procurement Data System, effective from March 4 until the end of September.