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NASA Releases Revised Objectives for Deep Space Exploration Mission; Pam Melroy Quoted

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NASA has released a revised set of deep space exploration objectives providing a framework for the agency’s Moon to Mars mission after receiving feedback from industry, academia and international partners.

The space agency identified 63 final objectives under four categories of exploration, namely transportation and habitation, Moon and Mars infrastructure, operations and science.

“These objectives are both practical and aspirational, and we were gratified by the thoughtful contributions of our workforce, industry, and international partners who will join us in shaping our future together,” said Pam Melroy, deputy administrator of NASA.

The space agency started working with an Agency Cross-Directorate Federated Board to develop the draft list of 50 Moon to Mars objectives in November 2021.

NASA released the objectives to its workforce and the public in May and released a request for comments in June, which gathered more than 5,000 inputs from industry and other stakeholders.