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NASA Enters Climate Risk Modeling Partnership With First Street Foundation

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The First Street Foundation and two NASA research laboratories have teamed up to perform risk modeling work to quantitatively evaluate the impacts of climate events on the economy and raise awareness about natural hazards.

NASA said Monday its Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and university-affiliated Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City will collaborate with the nonprofit in efforts to update climate models and risk measurement tools.

The agency expects to gain technical insight into the modeling approaches of First Street and adjusted risk data on specific properties.

“NASA Earth observations and model output are already publicly available, but this agreement with First Street enables us to work together to integrate our trusted observations, predictions and scientific expertise into improved products that will be freely available,” said Stephanie Schollaert Uz, applied sciences manager for Goddard’s Earth Sciences Division.

Ed Kearns, chief data officer of First Street, said the partnership offers an opportunity for the nonprofit to communicate with the government sector about climate change matters.

The agency presented at the Sept. 9 National Space Council meeting a concept and a video of the Earth Information Center being planned to give the public knowledge of how the planet is changing and support decision-making to address the problem.