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Mitre Report: ODNI Should Establish Priority Intelligence Need Process

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Mitre has released a report recommending that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence develop a priority intelligence need process across the Intelligence Community to facilitate integration and coordination.

Mitre said Wednesday its report found that the IC does not have processes to come up with a “unified set of prioritized needs” that could guide senior leaders in filling capability gaps.

“Developing a system to identify a unified set of prioritized gaps, or prioritized critical intelligence needs, would help senior leaders make informed decisions to better address the Community’s most pressing needs. It could also be used to help shape other key processes, such as developing future strategic guidance, future year fiscal planning, and mission value frameworks,” the report reads.

According to the report, establishing a process to prioritize requirements would enable the community to shift resources to reduce programmatic risks and prevent the loss of key programs, resource investments and capabilities.

Mitre said priority intelligence needs would help ODNI balance acquisition initiatives against the IC’s future and current prioritized needs and pursue a mission-based approach to advance future capability development initiatives, among others.

The report, which presents a notional prioritized intelligence needs process for the community, was authored by William Gray and Mihai Lungulescu, principal systems engineers at Mitre’s collection and tasking division.