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DOJ, Pentagon Submit Comment on FCC Inquiry Into Internet Routing Security

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The departments of Defense and Justice have both agreed that the Federal Communications Commission must improve the security of internet routing and provided recommendations on how to address vulnerabilities in the Border Gateway Protocol.

DOJ said Wednesday its National Security Division joined the Pentagon in filing a submission in response to a notice of inquiry the FCC released in February to seek comments on how to protect the national communications network from risks posed by the BGP.

“We appreciate the opportunity to provide our input on how to address vulnerabilities threatening the security of internet routing,” said Matthew Olsen, assistant attorney general for national security.

In their filing, the departments recommended that the FCC implement technical security standards and boost transparency to manage BGP-associated vulnerabilities.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency previously submitted comments to the FCC in which it acknowledged the national security threat of insecure BGP and suggested that the FCC “investigate and consider methods to drive down this risk by utilizing all of its statutory authorities.”