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DOE Selects 10 Projects to Develop Next-Generation Data Management, Visualization Tools

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The Department of Energy has selected 10 projects to advance big data movement and analysis and develop data management and visualization tools.

DOE said Thursday it will invest a total of $23.9 million in the projects over a period of three years to address challenges in managing data sets produced by scientific experiments and supercomputers.

Data management projects will focus on optimizing the management of data that must be moved and analyzed using machine learning and other mathematical techniques. Supported research will also advance the use of smart storage and networking hardware to improve the efficiency of data processing.

Moreover, projects to advance visualization techniques include research on new approaches to creating informative and interactive visualization of complex scientific data supporting DOE’s mission space.

“These efforts will enable data to be processed and stored at higher rates across the edge, cloud, and high-performance computing environments, and develop new visualization methods to explore that data, form hypotheses, and convey conclusions to a broad spectrum of audiences,” said Barbara Helland, associate director of science for advanced scientific computing research at DOE.