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Pentagon Announces Mentor-Protege Recipients of 2021 Nunn-Perry Award

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The Department of Defense has unveiled the recipients of the Nunn-Perry Award for fiscal year 2021, recognizing protege growth and development efforts in support of major defense programs across the U.S. military.

The awardees are recognized for their work in delivering warfighting capabilities under the Mentor-Protege Program, which provides small businesses with opportunities to partner with established companies to compete for defense contracts and subcontracts, DOD said Wednesday.

The awardees are:

  • CACI, CDIT and Morgan State University
  • Invictus, BlueSky, Bowie State University and Mason Small Business Development Center
  • Tech-Masters, Inc., Beshenich Muir & Associates, Oakwood University and The Catalyst Women’s Business Center

“As the program grows to meet the challenges faced by today’s warfighter and small business industrial base, we thank the program offices, mentors, proteges and supporting offices that continue to establish a strong base on which to build,” said Kasey Diaz, director of the Mentor-Protege Program within the Office of Small Business Programs.