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VHA Unveils Digital Health Playbook to Improve Patient Care

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The Department of Veterans Affairs has published a new guide outlining its priorities and goals for developing digital health care systems and devices designed to improve patient care, Nextgov reported Monday.

The Digital Healthcare Playbook, created by the Veterans Health Administration in collaboration with the Digital Medicine Society, aims to identify available digital health innovations that are capable of helping the U.S. health care system transform patient care delivery.

Specifically, VHA wants to evaluate the use of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality and connected sensor technologies, in providing digital health care services.

Arash Harzand, the chief medical advisor for digital health at the VHA Innovation Ecosystem, said the goal is to find the best strategy for the VA and the industry to collaborate on digital health.

He said the playbook serves as a guide for industry to learn about what the VA wants in new healthcare technology devices and as an internal department analysis for the current healthcare software marketplace.

The guide is open for public access to spur wider discussion around the future of digital health.