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Lumen Technologies Proposes Its Resources as Prime Combatants for Cybersecurity Needs; Martin Nystrom Quoted

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Telecommunications company Lumen Technologies has put forward a potential solution to combat what its team sees as one of the most glaring problems facing the cybersecurity industry.

In an article published August 22, Lumen Vice President of Security Development Martin Nystrom asserts that perhaps even more than the influx of new cyber attacks launched during and in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, “the burnout of cybersecurity staff” is a widespread issue in need of attention.

It is understood that in today’s network environment, cybersecurity professionals are enduring brutal work hours and ever-fluctuating, mutating targets. For these problems and others, Nystrom posits, Lumen’s various automated technologies and Security Operations Center as-a-Service tool are a viable remedy.

Powering this platform are well-trained, knowledgeable analysts frequently with experience from government SOC spaces. Additionally, the platform and its operators are constantly monitoring cyber activity, all day, every day of the week, which they argue could relieve a burden for agencies whose cybersecurity staff are reaching capacity. Their efforts are intended to cut down on false positive identifications as much as possible while promoting wide visibility and an evidence-based risk management system.

Lumen is also a founding member of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative and a member of CISA Central for many years. These involvements demonstrate the company’s commitment to solving cybersecurity threats on a national security scale and are also indicative of Lumen’s cross-industry partnerships with the goal of safeguarding data for government agencies, commercial enterprises and individuals alike.

The Monroe, Louisiana-based company’s Black Lotus Labs threat intelligence staff is another resource for mitigating cyber bad actors. It is a peered network that seeks to locate and extinguish complex cyberthreats internationally.

The strategies and systems Lumen has put in place are designed to relieve organizations of all sizes from the intense demands the cybersecurity sector has faced, especially in the last couple of years.