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Lily Zeleke: Information Enterprise Modernization Key to Achieving DOD Missions

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Lily Zeleke, acting deputy chief information officer for the Information Enterprise, has highlighted the importance of investing in cloud adoption, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and other information enterprise modernization initiatives to achieve the Defense Department’s missions.

Zeleke said during an event hosted by Worldwide Technology and Intel that funding these technologies within the authorized budget is “a balance between cost-effectiveness and mission effectiveness” for the U.S. military, DOD reported Tuesday.

“Our ability to deliver information at resilience and speed, as well as [delivering] secure information to our people, is paramount to staying ahead of adversaries,” she explained.

One of the mission-critical digital initiatives Zeleke mentioned is zero trust, which she says is key to protecting DOD’s vast amount of data.

“Zero trust is sort of like assuming that the adversary might already be in [the network],” Zeleke said.

Information enterprise modernization has ramped up across the U.S. military following the approval of DOD’s Software Modernization Strategy, which lays out the department’s approach to achieving “technology and process transformation that will enable the delivery of resilient software capability at the speed of relevance.”