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Kamala Harris: Government, Industry Must Deepen Partnership to Seize 21st Century Space Opportunities

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Vice President Kamala Harris said the White House will partner with regulatory agencies to engage companies as the U.S. government develops a new rules framework governing activities in space.

“We will do this work to make sure our nation remains a role model for the responsible use of space, because we know we must keep pace with the tremendous rate of innovation,” Harris told an audience during her speech held Friday at the Chabot Space and Science Center in California.

She cited the commercial sector’s work to build and deploy satellites that can support various missions on the ground such as hurricane forecasting and wildfire detection.

Harris pointed to the launch of the first in a series of lunar missions under NASA’s Artemis program later this month as another example of partnership between the government and industry.

The country’s second highest executive officer also noted the economic contributions from the sector.

“Our nation’s space economy employs over 354,000 people and generates $200 billion a year,” Harris added.