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GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks: Proactive Cybersecurity Is a Must in Today’s Threat Environment

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Chuck Brooks, a highly esteemed cybersecurity leader as well as an influential member of Executive Mosaic’s GovCon Expert program, recently published a feature detailing the reactive mindset that both industry and the federal government have developed that has created even more challenges to address because cyber-defenders are always at least one step behind.

In a feature article with HS Today.us, GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks explored the current challenges of implementing emerging technologies as well as the need for continuous simulation validation testing, cyber resilience,  risk management and the impact proactive cybersecurity.

Here’s an excerpt from the feature from GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks:

“With the growing realization of just how important IT is to our business and as a result of the dramatic increase in breaches, there is a growing recognition that protection against them should be considered more than a business expense,” Chuck Brooks explained. “Proactive cybersecurity has been a posture that’s been adopted increasingly by industry and government,” he added. 

GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks also discussed the impact and role that technologies such as IoT, 5G, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies like quantum computing, virtual and augmented realities will have in the cybersecurity space as the emphasis on threat detection and real-time analysis continues to grow and change how our industry does business.

“In today’s sophisticated threat environment, cybersecurity can no longer be viewed as an afterthought if businesses are going to survive and thrive,” Chuck Brooks emphasized. “There are a variety of established paths to follow in cyber risk management to fill gaps and bolster defenses. Complacency in the face of growing threats is not one of them.”

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