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GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks: Companies Lacking Essential Emerging Technologies

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Chuck Brooks, a highly esteemed cybersecurity leader as well as an influential member of Executive Mosaic’s GovCon Expert program, recently published a feature exploring the latest and most critical challenges that organizations are facing to innovate and implement emerging technologies in the 4th Industrial Era.

In a feature article with SkyTop Strategies, GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks provided his insight into what the C-Suite and shareholders should know about which emerging technologies will impact the business ecosystem in 2022 and beyond.

Here’s an excerpt from the feature from GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks.

“For companies that want to excel in the new digital economy, the business objectives of reliability, quality, cost-efficiency, and responsive customer service are integral to success,” Chuck Brooks explained. “Industry has spent years developing technologies and processes to meet those objectives and improve operational capabilities.”

In addition, GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks also discussed the impact of each critical aspect that’s impacting our industry, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotic process automation (RPA), predictive analytics, 5G as well as other significant areas of development such as 3D printing, blockchain and quantum computing.

He also discussed the importance of protecting user data in all digital transformation efforts as we continue to adapt to the latest emerging technologies. Chuck Brooks emphasized that our most vital and critical infrastructures all operate in a digital environment and things like network, cloud and supply chain security will be paramount in the future.

“The pace of innovation is growing so rapidly that it is becoming exponential as each year passes,” said GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks. “The emerging technology areas I described above are just the tip of the iceberg, as we really are amid a major paradigm shift in applied scientific knowledge.”

You can read all the content from GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks through Executive Mosaic on GovCon Wire.com, including the recent Video Interview that he did specifically discussing cybersecurity and government tech market trends.