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DISA Official Reminds Contractors to Avoid Inappropriate Use of Government Furnished Equipment

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Douglas Packard, head of the contracting activity at the Defense Information Systems Agency, has released a letter reminding federal contractors to refrain from using government furnished equipment and internet sites for unauthorized purposes.

Packard said DISA has seen an increase in the inappropriate use of government furnished equipment and access to internet sites by contractor personnel over the past year and noted that the practice could jeopardize the security of federal systems.

“Examples of inappropriate use includes, but is not limited to, viewing inappropriate and/or sexually oriented material, operating a private business or participating in non-contract/task order employment activities, and gambling,” the letter stated.

According to Packard, the inappropriate use of government information technology devices violates DISA’s contract agreements and policies.

He noted that corrective action will be imposed on contractors enabling the unauthorized use of government systems.

“Misuse of GFE and Government information systems entrusted to contractors and their personnel to perform official duties can subject individuals to removal of access to Government information systems and may affect security clearances,” Packard added.