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ColdQuanta Aims to Productize Quantum Clock Tech With Backing of DARPA, In-Q-Tel

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ColdQuanta has secured an award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to further develop the company’s atomic clock technology for potential government and commercial applications.

DARPA is supporting the development project via the agency’s Embedded Entrepreneurship Initiative with an In-Q-Tel business venture, the quantum technology maker said Tuesday.

Scott Faris, CEO of ColdQuanta, said the company aims to help address a demand for time reference units in partnership with DARPA and IQT Emerge.

The agency’s EEI, which launched in February 2021 after a two-year pilot phase, offers technical research teams access to funding support, mentorship and opportunities to network with investors and corporations.

IQT, the intelligence community’s venture capital organization, is working with the DARPA in efforts to help developers transition government-funded projects to the national security market.