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OMB Releases Updates on President’s Management Agenda Priorities

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The Office of Management and Budget has provided quarterly updates on the President’s Management Agenda and announced progress on three priority goals, which are strengthening the federal workforce, improving federal service delivery and customer experience and managing the business of government.

The team for managing the business of government priority outlines two strategies and these are promoting lasting improvements in the federal acquisition system and building capacity in federal financial management, according to a Performance.gov blog post published Friday.

For the first strategy, the team listed three goals: build a diverse and resilient federal marketplace; ensure interoperability and sharing of acquisition tools and data; and develop an inspired, engaged acquisition workforce.

Goals under the second strategy are strengthening the governance of areas of federal financial assistance common across agencies to advance the government’s ability to implement the president’s vision and statutory requirements through federal programs and building a robust financial assistance community that identifies and strengthens the core competencies of grants managers.

The business of government priority area leaders are Don Graves, deputy secretary of the Department of Commerce; Andrea Palm, deputy secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services; and John Tien, deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.