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OMB Instructs Federal Agencies to Resume Annual Workspace Plan Development

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The Office of Management and Budget has set Dec. 16 as the deadline for all federal agencies to complete annual capital plans that define real property assets needed to accommodate government employees and contractors in a post-COVID-19 work environment.

OMB Shalanda Young told department heads in a memorandum Wednesday that their organizations should look into factors such as mission and customer needs when determining physical space requirements.

Young said agencies should also work with chief human capital officers to review workplace reentry personnel policies and with chief Information officers to study how online collaboration tools, cybersecurity platforms and cloud-based software products can affect future office spaces.

“The development of the capital plan should run parallel to and be in alignment with the development of the annual President’s budget request,” the memo states.

The new directive comes nearly one year after OMB paused its governmentwide real property planning requirement due to the pandemic.

Agencies must submit annual plans for fiscal year 2024 through fiscal 2028 to OMB and the Federal Real Property Council.