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Marine Corps Deploys UAS Threat Defense System to Installations

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The U.S. Marine Corps has started to field an artificial intelligence-based system for service personnel to detect, identify and track drones that pose a threat to military bases.

USMC’s Installation-Counter small Unmanned Aircraft Systems equipment uses a radar and an optical sensor through the Long Range Sentry Tower and a radio frequency detector that works to help the operator visualize the flight path of drones, the service said Thursday.

Maj. Kyle Yakopovich, a fixed site project officer at USMC’s program executive office for land systems, said that I-CsUAS facilitates autonomous sensor data analysis with the system’s AI and machine learning tools.

The platform is built to defend against commercial off-the-shelf drones that belong to the Group 1 and Group 2 categories.

Yakopovich noted the system works with a non-kinetic technology that has been demonstrated in other ground-based air defense programs and will support counter-UAS efforts at installations within the continental U.S.