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GAO: Experts Say Federal Actions Needed in Workforce Development to Reduce Chip Supply Chain Risks

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The Government Accountability Office interviewed 17 experts to gather their insights on policy considerations to reduce risks associated with semiconductor supply chains and mitigate future chip shortages.

GAO found that all experts agreed that federal action is needed in the area of workforce development to reduce supply chain risks, according to a report published Tuesday.

To prepare for future workforce development requirements, experts called on the government to advance training programs and immigration reform.

Other areas that need government actions are international coordination, research and development, supply chain strengthening and manufacturing capacity.

The experts also cited the need to determine federal priorities and enhance interagency collaboration in policy implementation to help mitigate risks and some of these policy priorities are national security, increased resilience and economic competitiveness.

They also emphasized the need to implement policies in each of the identified areas since a single policy option would not be enough, according to the GAO report.