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Biden Admin Unveils Apprenticeship Campaign for Boosting Cybersecurity Workforce

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The Biden administration has announced a national campaign aimed at closing the cybersecurity skills gap by promoting the establishment of Registered Apprenticeship programs.

The departments of Commerce and Labor unveiled the 120-week Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Sprint in a push to recruit employers, labor unions, industry associations, educational providers and other organizations to help develop and train a diverse federal cybersecurity workforce, the National Institute of Standards and Technology said Tuesday.

During the campaign, the government will hold Apprenticeship Accelerators events to provide employers and workforce partners with resources and information on how to expand the use of Registered Apprenticeship in the cybersecurity sector.

“These newly trained workers will help protect our critical infrastructure, advance our digital way of life, strengthen our economy and improve access to cybersecurity career paths for underrepresented communities, especially women, people of color, veterans and people with disabilities,” Labor Secretary Martin Walsh said in a separate statement.

The Sprint will continue until National Apprenticeship Week, which will be held from Nov. 14th to 20th.