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AFC Develops Strategy to Guide Army Medical Modernization Efforts

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The U.S. Army plans to enhance its medical resources and proficiencies in support of warfighters and in line with the service branch’s overall modernization strategy.

On July 7, the Army Futures Command published a 22-page document detailing the priorities, requirements and direction the Army could take for its medical modernization efforts, the service branch said.

The Army Medical Modernization Strategy was created by AFC with help from Department of Defense and Army medical organizations and stakeholders to guide the initiative, which will cover advanced medical research and Army Health System doctrine as well as facilities and policy analysis.

“The Army Medical Modernization Strategy is important because it describes in detail how the Army will work alongside the Joint Force to provide outstanding health care to the Future Force,” said Lt. Gen. James Richardson, acting commanding general of AFC.

“The strategy calls for activities that will increase our ability to deliver agile emergency medicine on the battlefield, maintain well-equipped hospitals and medical facilities at home and overseas, and support and develop highly talented health care personnel,” he added.