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NOAA Joins International Effort to Mitigate Climate Change Using Satellite Data

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The U.S. government has joined an international initiative that aims to combine satellite data with scientific research to track climate change and assess its impacts on global and local scales.

Richard Spinrad, the administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, signed the charter during the signing ceremony with Philippe Baptiste, chairman and CEO of the National Center for Space Studies, NOAA reported Thursday.

The Space for Climate Observatory said on its website that it brings together space agencies and international organizations to study and monitor the impacts of climate change on local levels using data from Earth observation satellites and field models.

The initiative aims to develop indicators and tools to help decision-makers prepare and mitigate the effects of climate change on local and global communities.

“The United States, represented by NOAA, strongly supports the establishment of the Space for Climate Observatory, and we are pleased to be among the first signatories of its Charter. We look forward to working with our federal and international partners, including CNES, to turn Earth observations into actionable information to help governments and communities combat the climate crisis and adapt to our changing world,” said Spinrad.