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Mitre Launches System of Trust Framework for Evaluating Supply Chain Risks

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Mitre has introduced a new framework designed to help organizations evaluate and mitigate potential supply chain security risks, including concerns related to software acquisition. 

The System of Trust is a free and open platform that highlights the 14 risk areas organizations must consider when evaluating suppliers and service providers and offers a list of specific supply chain security risk questions, Mitre said Monday.

The framework works to enable organizations to rank suppliers based on their strengths and weaknesses. It also aims to ensure that organizations achieve a deeper understanding of supply chain security risks by providing a common vocabulary to reduce communication barriers.

Wen Masters, vice president for cyber technologies at Mitre, said the System of Trust platform continues the corporation’s mission of providing free cyber resources to help secure the entire supply chain and ensure “that goods and services can be delivered even in threatened and contested environments.”

Mitre unveiled the framework at the RSA 2022 Conference and will launch a follow-up report in July during the upcoming Supply Chain Summit.