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House Panel Unveils $762B Defense Funding Bill for FY 2023

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The House Appropriations Committee has released a draft bill that would allocate $761.7 billion in defense funding for fiscal year 2023, reflecting an increase of $32.2 billion from the FY 2022 enacted funding level.

The defense funding bill would appropriate $173.1 billion for military personnel; $269.3 billion for operation and maintenance; $131.7 billion for research, development, test and evaluation; and $143.9 billion for procurement, the House panel said Tuesday.

Under the bill’s procurement section, the measure would earmark $27.8 billion for the purchase of eight Navy ships, $7.2 billion for 61 F-35 fighter jets, $1.5 billion for B-21 Raider procurement and $2.7 billion for the acquisition of 15 KC-46 tankers.

The draft legislation would provide $1.7 billion for the U.S. Air Force’s Next-Generation Air Dominance program and $1.1 billion for the U.S. Army’s Future Vertical Lift program.

The bill also includes security assistance to Ukraine, $2.5 billion in investments in climate adaptation efforts and clean energy technologies and a requirement for contractors to pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour.