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Charles River Analytics Develops Machine Learning-Based Navy Ship Intelligence Systems Monitoring Tools

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Charles River Analytics is using machine learning to develop tools for monitoring and analyzing signals intelligence systems data to identify critical system faults under a U.S. Navy-funded program.

CRA said Tuesday the Distributed Analysis Tool for Enterprise Monitoring platform monitors and analyzes the condition of software or hardware systems and sends the results in human-readable formats and recommends mitigation measures.

The first development under the DATEM program is a fault localization capability, dubbed Cable Calibration Tool, that identifies faults in the Ship’s Signal Exploitation Equipment signal chain. The CCT has been proven to work with a 91 percent rate of detection and is now used by the Navy.

CRA engineers are developing another DATEM capability called the Rapid Analysis Dashboard, which will provide a unified view of data from various Navy sources to enable rapid analysis of supply and demand for parts.

The Navy has invested a total of approximately $2.4 million in DATEM for the past six years.