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Air Force’s KC-46 Conducts First In-Air Refueling Training With CV-22

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A KC-46 Pegasus assigned to the 349th Air Refueling Squadron located at McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas has performed its first in-air refueling training with a CV-22 Osprey operated by Air Force Special Operations Command.

The Boeing-built aircraft refueled the CV-22 tiltrotor using a centerline drogue system during an exercise over Cannon AFB in early June, the U.S. Air Force said Thursday.

The KC-46 aircraft offers advanced refueling and communications capabilities and features a large fuel storage system that allows it to meet the CV-22’s refueling requirements even in contested environments.

“The CV-22 is specifically designed for long range missions, and when you add on top of that an aerial refueling capability you can extend that distance to the point where you’re only limited by how long the crew is able to fly,” said Maj. Anthony Belviso, CV-22 aircraft commander.

Maj. Benjamin Chase, KC-46 aircraft commander, said the in-air training will guide future refueling operations for the CV-22 Osprey and other aircraft.