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VA Unveils New Website for Contractors; Michael Parrish Quoted

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The Department of Veterans Affairs is launching Pathfinder, a new website designed for vendors seeking to work with VA, Federal News Network reported Friday.

Michael Parrish, chief acquisition officer and principal executive director at VA, said the Pathfinder site will help contractors easily find department-specific solicitations and get certified through the System for Award Management website, or SAM.gov.

“For those that are interested in trying to help break that that black hole mold of trying to figure out how to do business, we’re rolling out — and it’s ready to use now, there’s still some processes that we have to go through on the [operational technology] side for compliance — but there’s a new website, it’s a single entry point into VA, both for innovation and selling,” Parrish said at an event Thursday.

He said there are upcoming updates to the website, including a feature for future forecasting and a function that would allow vendors to submit questions and receive responses within a week from a VA employee.