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Mitre-NAPA Report Highlights Need for Global Approach to Space Traffic Coordination; Beth Meinert Quoted

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A white paper from Mitre and the National Academy of Public Administration says a global strategy to space traffic coordination is needed to ensure that existing and future users have access to space.

The document offers key measures to protect the future of space use and one of the steps is identifying and establishing an independent convener to bring together various groups across government, academia and industry worldwide.

Other recommendations are establishing greater cyber resilience, improving maneuvers to prevent collisions and conjunctions and creating strategies to promote commercial space competition.

Space is now a foundational part of the global economy, but safeguards have not kept pace with the evolution of the number and types of players in the environment,” said Beth Meinert, vice president and director of the Center for Government Effectiveness and Modernization at Mitre.

The U.S. should lead by example, and work with the global space community to develop standards and create the innovative technology required for safety, security, and progress,” added Meinert.

The report builds on the recommendations outlined in NAPA’s Space Traffic Management report in 2020.